Classic Massage

«Classic massage» - time for pure relaxation and revitalizing harmony. Our classic massage combines proven techniques to improve circulation, reduce stress and improve the flow of energy in your body. Whether you need targeted pain relief, want to relax after a busy day, or are simply looking for a break from everyday life, a classic massage is the answer. Trust our team that transforms the art of classic massage into a unique treatment experience. Make an appointment today and let us pamper you.

Sports Medical Massage

«Sports medical massage» - performance increase, optimal recovery. Sports medical massage is the key to success for anyone who wants to achieve their sports goals while taking care of their body's health. This type of massage with targeted techniques improves muscle function, prevents injuries, revitalizes tissue and accelerates recovery. Make an appointment for a sports medical massage today and make big strides in your training and recovery.

Hot-Stone Massage

«Hot stone massage» – discover the side of natural heat for deep relaxation and inner peace. This unique treatment enables a combination of gentle massage movements and the heat of the stone that penetrates deep into the muscles and releases tension in a completely new way. Feel the stress of everyday life melt away as your muscles relax and your mind calms down. Surrender to the relaxing warmth of the stones and experience the transformative power of this massage that balances body and soul. Come and indulge yourself in the world of relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

«Pregnancy massage» - gentle support for pregnant women on their unique journey. Our pregnancy massage is designed to relieve you of stress and tension, alleviate physical ailments, improve sleep and restore a sense of inner peace and harmony. Trust our experienced therapists and experience the healing properties of pregnancy massage. Let us accompany you on your journey to motherhood and enjoy this wonderful time to the fullest.



120 minutes • 250 KM. (For 2  people)

Spa Facial (45 min.)

Body peeling (30 min.)

Classic massage (45 min.)

Classic Package

105  minutes • 105 KM

Spa Facial (30 min.)

Body peeling (30 min.)

Classic massage (45 min.)


90 minutes • 100 KM

Body peeling (30 min.)

Relax massage (60 minutes)


90 minutes • 100 KM

Spa Facial (30 min.)

Aroma massage (60 min.)

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 09:00–21:00

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